Sleeping Duck was founded in 2014 by two Melbourne-based engineers. Frustrated by the expensive, tedious, and confusing process of buying a bed, they decided pull on their pajamas and design the very best mattress they could. The Sleeping Duck mattress is modular, allowing you to switch out the firmness with a simple pull of the zipper. And it’s comfortable (seriously comfortable).

My involvement with Sleeping Duck

I first came across Sleeping Duck in an article on this new Australian mattress brand that was shaking up a mammoth industry. The idea of buying a mattress online intrigued me and I could see it was a great opportunity to flex my creative muscles and help this relatively new brand grow. So I contacted the team and pitched my ideas.

Over the past year-and-a-half I’ve been creating blog content for Sleeping Duck. The Sleeping Duck tone is conversational, informative and a little bit cheeky so these blog posts have ranged from the informative:

Why Making Your Bed Each Day Will Make You More Successful

To the interesting:

Are Cheese Dreams Real? Sleeping Duck Investigates

And the purely fun:

In Bed With The Sleeping Duck Box

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