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is just a click away

YOU, ME + 90 MIN

Content overwhelm is a real and major time-suck when it comes to your business. Time spent trying to figure out what, how and when you should be sharing content is time away from building your brand and wowing your customers.

Get off the content merry-go-round and get content clarity with a Strategy Session.

In 90-minutes we’ll solve your biggest content conundrum to give you the ideas and strategy to move your business forward.

Content strategy sessions - Nell Casey Creative

A content strategy session is a 1-on-1 service designed to help you get unstuck.

We can work on (almost) anything during your Strategy Session.

Here are just a few ideas:

Develop a content marketing strategy
that’s straightforward and easy to implement (and that fits in with your biz/life reality!) so you can blog/share/create with ease.

Devise a strategy for your email marketing
so you know what to send to your customers (and when). We’ll even cover off the tech side so nothing’s standing in your way.

Review your online store
to ensure it flows and engages your customers to get you more love and sales.

Get on top of your blog
with a content plan and outlines for the next 6-12 months.

No matter what you choose to work on during your strategy session, you’ll walk away with fresh knowledge, a plan on what to do next and confidence that you’ve got this whole content thing.

What  they say

Nell helped me work my way through all of my concerns, while also helping me to understand the general principles of each so that I could help myself more effectively in the future. She set me at ease with her relaxed, yet efficient way of working.

– Jacqueline Baulch, Inner Melbourne Clinical Psychology


+   Pre-session questionnaire to find out about you and your goals
+   90-minute session over Skype or at The Cowork Co in East Brunswick
+   Follow up notes plus any resources/links/screenflows you may need
+   Email support for two weeks

Content strategy sessions - Nell Casey Creative

Next Steps

step 1

Request your Strategy Session by clicking the button and giving me a few details. I’ll send you payment info and a link to book your session.

step 2

Complete your Strategy Session Worksheet and get it back to me at least 48 hours before your session.

step 3

Join me for your 90-minute session over Skype or in person at this cool little coworking space in Brunswick East (fancy coffee included).

Your Strategy Session costs $297 and you can book in just a few clicks.

Note: I limit the number of Strategy Sessions each month so you can get the follow up support you need.

What  they say

I was struggling with how to frame my business as a solution to a need. By the end of our session my ideas were coming clearer and we’d nutted out a core offering that has resonated with my clients.

– Steph Gesling, Rest & Play 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Strategy Session right for?
I focus on working with product-based online brands, especially in the lifestyle/fashion/homewares space. But if you sell virtual products or services, a Strategy Session can also be right for you. Feel free to email me at if you want to double-check.
How far in advance should I book my Strategy Session?
Generally my schedule books up about two weeks ahead. But if you’re launching a new range, gearing up for a sales season or have another specific date in mind, I’d suggest booking 4-6 weeks ahead so you’ll have time to prep your content and make the most of your email support.
What can we work on during a Strategy Session?

Almost anything content or copy related for your online store or marketing. In 90-minutes we could:

  • walk through your entire website to identify content gaps, then craft a plan for you to tackle them over the next two weeks
  • plan a launch strategy for your next range, including brainstorming content for our blog/eDMs/social media and placing it all into a content calendar
  • overhaul your email marketing strategy and create a content plan for your automated emails and newsletters, plus go over the tech side of things so you’re ready to go
How much email support will I get?
After our Strategy Session you’ll get personalised email support for two weeks. This is so you can clarify anything we talk about during our session or in the follow up notes and get me to look at specific content you’ve created. You’ll get a response to your email within 24 hours (not including weekends, obvs).
How does a Strategy Session work?
I’m a big picture/small detail person which means we start out by discussing your overall goals and what you need from your Strategy Session. Then we’ll tackle each aspect of your content conundrum in turn, with the overall goal that you’ll leave feeling excited, confident and empowered.


If we meet in person, we’ll probably break out the big paper and textas. Over Skype, I prefer using a shared Trello board (Trello is my life!).

Don’t want to scroll up?