SEO copywriting and content strategy for online brands

Looking to elevate your brand online?  

I work with product-based businesses to help you tell your story and create copy that sells.
Each of my services has been designed to solve a specific problem for your business.

SEO copywriting for online brands - Nell Casey - Copywriter Melbourne

Strategy Sessions

A strategy session with me is like a coffee date with your BFF (except with less drama). We’ll dive into your content dilemma and workshop a solution that’s designed to move you and your business forward.

You’ll walk away with ideas, knowledge and a good dose of cheerleader-y positivity.

SEO copywriting for online brands - Nell Casey - Copywriter Melbourne

Website Copywriting

Your website is your 24/7 shop front, but at the moment it’s about as helpful as a work experience kid (as in, not).

Your online store needs to showcase your products, share your story and give your customers a reason to keep coming back. Great website copywriting will do all at.

SEO copywriting for online brands - Nell Casey - Copywriter Melbourne

Email Marketing

If the most you’re doing with your email list is the occasional e-newsletter and a “Sign up for updates” button, it’s time to get on board with email automation.

Using the power of Mailchimp’s powerful automation tools, we’ll create content that’ll automatically connect with your audience and turn clicks into sales.

website design copywriting melbourne

Aspire & Align

Aspire and Align is an all-inclusive web design and copywriting package for startups and freelancers. It’s designed to help you create a sparkling online presence, fast.

Team up with Nell and Ange (website designer and builder) to take the stress out of launching your new website.

Not what you’re looking for?

While I’m a copywriter in Melbourne, I work with brands across Australia (and beyond). Send me details of your project for a custom quote or email